Double Feature at the Castro-December 29th

Jacques Demy’s visually intoxicating “film in song” pays homage to the Hollywood musical with his story of young love and thwarted dreams. Within an ultra-romantic riot of color, Catherine Deneuve and Nino Castelnuovo sing their declarations of devotion via Michel Legrand’s lovely score.

Completely sung in French w/ English subtitles.
1964 | 91 min | 35mm


Anna Karina is an exotic dancer attempting to have a child with unwilling lover Jean-Claude Brialy. In the process, she finds herself torn between him and his best friend Jean-Paul Belmondo. A dizzying compendium of color, humor, and the music of renowned composer Michel Legrand, this sly, playful tribute to the American musical comedy finds the compulsively innovative Jean-Luc Godard at his warmest and most accessible.

In French w/ English subtitles. 1961 | 84 min | 35mm ‘Scope


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