Opening January 6th- The Conquest

Opening January 6th
Landmark Theater

The most hotly anticipated film at the Cannes Film Festival was The Conquest, the first French film ever made about the nation’s President while in power. A treat for political junkies, in the same mode as The Queen and Il Divo, as well as Oliver Stone’s W.

Politics gets personal in The Conquest, a vivid re-imagining of French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s rise to power and the simultaneous unraveling of his marriage. As the first French leader to divorce—and then remarry—while in office, Sarkozy’s real-life saga is the stuff of soap operas, and director Xavier Durringer treats it as such, viewing the five years of political jockeying that preceded Sarkozy’s 2007 election through the lens of his relationship with then-wife, Cecilia….Denis Podalydès’s Sarkozy deserves special mention. Though his physical resemblance with the diminutive thick-haired leader is limited, Podalydès bristles with the electric energy and nervous tics that earned Sarkozy the nickname, ‘The Energizer Bunny.

New York Time Review

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