Cinema | My French Film Festival | January, 12th – February, 1st

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, its cultural network abroad and the Institut Francais, its operator for French culture abroad, are associated with the second edition of MyFrenchFilmFestival film festival organized by French online Unifrance.

Ten feature films and ten short films are available to Internet users worldwide via the platform MyFrenchFilmFestival from January, 12th to February, 1st, 2012. The films are available in the US for a small fee, individually or as a group, through the IPTV platform partner SnagFilms. The feature films were released in France after January 2010 and the short films were produced since 2010. The festival is avalaible in 14 languages.
This year selection highlights the new generation of young actors (Lea Seydoux, Anais Demoustier, Marmaï Pio, Laura Smet …) and filmmakers (Valérie Donzelli, Xabi Molia, Katell Quillévéré …), whose films have traveled in many international festivals without going into theaters abroad. In connection with the French Institute, teaching files, produced by journalists Mathieu Macheret and Charlotte Garson, will be available online and accessible to all on MyFrenchFilmFestival. The films are : Entre nos mains, La Reine de pommes and the short film : Cul de bouteille.

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