A Doctor in Spite of Himself February 10–March 25

A Doctor in Spite of Himself
February 10–March 25
Berkeley Repertory Theatre

Molière’s classic comedy comes to uproarious new life in a clever and contemporary adaptation from one of Berkeley Rep’s favorite artists. Steven Epp delighted audiences as Figaro and The Miser—now he’s back with A Doctor in Spite of Himself. The traditional story of a girl feigning illness to avoid an unwanted wedding erupts into hilarity when Epp decides to play doctor. In a pitch-perfect production punctuated with live music, this ridiculous physician proves that love and laughter remain life’s best medicine.

“Brilliant…Deliciously re-engineered for the 21st century…The adapters, Christopher Bayes and Steven Epp, have embedded Molière in a gleeful whirligig of song and shtick, blending random snippets of pop culture (‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’) with classic slapstick routines. They’ve even worked in an Occupy joke. If you can imagine Pee Wee Herman and The Music Man sharing the stage with Monty Python’s Flying Circus, you get the idea…As for Moliére, he would laugh in spite of himself.”—New York Times

“Smartly choreographed anarchy, combining old gags and new…For cheerful, nimble, bawdy silliness, this dish of meringue is hard to resist.”—Seattle Times

“A fun night for everyone…Bayes’ take on Molière’s carnivalesque satire of the medical profession is a low-stakes fusion of commedia dell’arte and vaudeville—dry-rubbed with lewdness, scatology, pop music, and political incorrectness.”Seattle Weekly

“Immensely entertaining…Just what the doctor ordered…This show is bright, breezy and thoroughly ridiculous in spite of itself. Epp and Bayes work magic…The cast works like an overwound clock, ticking off comic bits, schtick and slap-schtick like crazy. (The wordplay is inspired. I especially like ‘mamormous bababazoonage.’) The bits get so stacked up that at one hysterical point, Sganarelle shouts out, ‘When is this play going to start?’ But as long as the laughs come as they do, no one really cares.”Hartford Courant

“Doctor is a fast-paced hoot…The show is a dizzyingly giddy experience marked by precisely executed comic business…It is relentless in its barrage of physical gags, wordplay, pop culture references and more. The production is a full-out assault on the funny bone.”—New Haven Register

Bawdy and hilarious…It’s silly, clever, fast paced and the best time I’ve had in a theater in quite some time.”—Broadway World


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