Concert – Metronomy

April 12 – Slims – San Francisco CA 

The metronome is not a device known for its deviation. It strikes a predictable, functional pattern. Each time Metronomy release an album, on the other hand, there is a scorched earth change of pace and tone. Yet the pulse never disappears, it just reanimates for a brand new dancefloor.

Anyone expecting more of the same digital melancholia as heard on the universally-lauded “Nights Out” is in for a shock – but a pleasant one. “The English Riviera,” Metronomy’s third album – and second, after “Nights Out,” on Because Music – is a belting, unashamed pop album, a gorgeous record full of languid, sunset funk songs, which looks set to propel Metronomy even further than they have travelled thus far. The gorgeous ‘Everything Goes My Way’, featuring the voice of Roxanne Clifford of Veronica Falls, is an understated summer classic. The organ hook that defines first single ‘The Look’ burrows into your head and doesn’t leave. Crucially too, it is an album that is even more danceable than its predecessor.

If “Nights Out” was possessed by the feel of the 4am chemical-inspired journey to the next party, “The English Riviera” is floating over calm waters on a balmy summer’s day, with Joseph Mount swapping on-edge, nocturnal fuzziness for the warm studio feel of classic 1970s artists, such as Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan and Stevie Wonder.


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