Almayer’s Folly – Chantal Akerman

Thu, October 11  •  7:30pm
Sat, October 13  •  7:30pm
Sun, October 14  •   1pm
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts


Somewhere in Southeast Asia, in a little lost village on a turbulent river, a European man clings to his pipe dreams out of love for his daughter. A story of passion, loss and madness, freely adapted from the novel by Joseph Conrad.

Through languor, halted movement, drunken paralysis, and the sheer physical effort of wading through the dense jungle foliage or negotiating the steep banks of the river, the characters in Almayer’s Folly are stranded in a sort of colonist’s nightmare projection of ‘the dangerous Orient,’ the Dutch East India Company as Samuel Beckett bug-box. Akerman shows the stresses within the family unit as always having been those present among unequal political powers, and gradually allows those power relations to inscribe themselves across raced and gendered bodies. Almayer’s Folly… is without a doubt one of the best films of 2011.” – Michael Sicinski, Cargo (2011, 127 min, 35mm)


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